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What is Middle Fork Project Relicensing?

What is Middle Fork Project Relicensing?

Relicensing Process Plan and Schedule Home

Overview of the Relicensing Process Plan

Detailed Relicensing Process Plan

Relicensing Process Schedule

Project Description Home

Overview of the Project Description

Detailed Project Description

Proposed Project Betterments / lmprovements Home

Overview of Project Betterments / lmprovements

Detailed Project Betterments / Improvements

Original License Order And Amendments

Science: Studies and Reports

Science Home

Overview of Existing Resources

Overview of the PAD Technical Study Plans

Studies and Report by Resource Group

Aquatic Resources

Hydrology Data

Terrestrial Resources

Land Management

Recreation Resources

Cultural Resources

Technical Study Plan Implementation

Management Plans

Bald Eagle Management Plan Meeting Materials

Instream Flow Proposal Material

Sediment Management Plan Meeting Materials

Vegetation and Integrated Pest Management Plan Meeting Materials

Visual Management Plan Meeting Materials


Public Outreach

Public Outreach Home


Plenary Meetings

Technical Working Groups

Aquatic Resources Technical Working Group

Terrestrial Resources Technical Working Group

Land Management Technical Working Group

Recreation Resources Technical Working Group

Cultural Resources Technical Working Group

Model Technical Team

Formal Scoping Meetings

Communication and Participation Protocols

Stakeholder Correspondence

Stakeholder Interest Statements

Detailed Stakeholder Interest Statements

Filings and Notices

Formal Regulatory Filings and Notices Home - All

Notices of Intent

Pre-Application Document

Update / Errata

Application for New License

Relicensing Library and Links

Relicensing Library


News Releases

Contact Us

Contact Us


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